EDugems courses for children 8-10, 11-12 and 13-17 year olds

Our courses are tailor-made for each group with English as the main language. Group sizes are kept small and all formal STEAM learning is taught by teachers who hold a Ph.D or a Master’s Degree.

Summer and winter camps in Finland differ in their seasonal nature and STEAM activities. Check our locations for details of activities.

**Due to Covid-19 all education camp programs in Finland are cancelled until further notice. **

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8-10 year olds

Future skills

This course begins by introducing the world of circularity and the concept of product life cycle. The purpose is to engage the children to learn and to understand the meaning of sustainability: What can we do on an individual level for a more sustainable world? How can science inspire us?

The focus is on team working skills and system thinking, and we will also practice individual project working. Together we learn new skills - the Gems of Knowledge!

During the course, the children will learn and improve their English, practice social and presentation skills, and identify their strengths and interests. Children’s natural inquisitive nature and exploration mindset is encouraged while having fun and staying active: lots of hands on and engaging experiments!


junior GEMS
11-12 year olds

Fresh water & Eco-food

At this course students learn to investigate waters and novel food innovations. Challenges related to sustainable water management and protection will be introduced. Students learn about food and its impact on the environment. Students will develop their laboratory skills, carry out engaging hands-on experiments, learn how to process food in unconventional conditions and calculate their own water and carbon footprint. Students will also learn about sustainable, safe and healthy foods and approach questions like: How do you prepare food without fire, electricity and water? What is vegan food? How can food waste be recycled?

Little scientists engage in the scientific knowledge behind STEAM challenges and improve their skills as scientists, such as measuring, making observations and most importantly, social skills and reporting results.

13-17 year olds

Circular Economy & Megatrends

This course brings the students to a new level of understanding of the world of circularity, novel innovations and megatrends. Students get a deeper insight of circular economy, system thinking and teamwork.

We explore mitigation tools for climate change: what actions can we take on an individual / societal / global level? We examine the health aspects of our daily consumer choices and habits. Students specialize in their own project topics as well as improve their STEAM team skills as scientists.

Students will explore and evolve their knowledge about natural resources, new materials, green chemicals, and circular economy.

We will approach questions such as: Can the forest provide us with everything we need from clothes to concrete? What different materials can be used to create a shirt? What kind of businesses are needed in a circular economy?

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