What do students get when they participate?

In EduGems camps & courses, we activate every learner’s motivation towards a more sustainable life and world. The children learn how to strengthen their abilities towards sustainability actions in every learner’s daily life. They can use their insights as consumers, citizens, as a member of a community, e.g. school or in their own family.

During our camp, many students will probably learn systems thinking for the very first time.

They will learn critical thinking together with data search.

The students will also learn to see the big picture concerning  big wicked planetary challenges and megatrends.

Additionally, the students learn about their strengths and about the power of positive communication.

They learn to develop arguments about how to make a shift on different levels in life: as an individual, in society and globally – it all starts by shifting one’s own thinking and attitudes.

Research shows that children have a big impact on their parents. Children can renew and modernise the daily choices of the family. The shift is like the roots of a tree that keep growing and spreading, making the tree stronger and more viable. If we water and nourish it, it will stay strong and rooted.

We plant seeds for new trees to grow - with the knowledge crucial in every area of life.

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