Why Finland? Part 1

Why choose Finland, a small country up in the North, as a camp destination country?

EduGems goal is to offer you to experience the best of Finland. What is then the best of Finland?

There are many reasons and answers to the questions why and what, but in this short and insightful blog post we will share with you some of the gems of Finland. We will share more information and insights in blog posts to come, so stay tuned and get to know Finland!

So why?

Because Finland is the safest country in the world. Tourists and locals can feel safe, and every student’s safety is a top priority for EduGems. All EduGems camps in Finland are run in carefully selected, safe and popular camp centers with decades of experience and highly trained staff.

Because Finland has one of the world’s top education systems which is strongly based on equality – everyone can excel regardless of income or background.  The teachers in Finland undergo an extensive training, and teaching is a highly prized profession in Finland. Finnish teacher have a lot of freedom and are seen as autonomous professionals. The teaching is interactive and the methods are engaging.  

Because the nature in Finland is remarkably clean, and available and close to everyone. Finland has the world’s largest archipelago with over 70 000 islands. In Helsinki you will find some of the cleanest tap water of all big cities around the world – it is so good! In Lapland you can breathe the cleanest air in the world.


All three elements safety, top education and clean nature – build the basis for EduGems’ camps and activities. Every student will feel safe, excel and feel good during the academic part and enjoy the clean air and nature every day!


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