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EduGems camps in Finland are run in carefully selected, safe and popular camp centers with decades of experience and highly trained staff.


Solvalla is a national sports institution and a part of Folkhälsan - a versatile, modern non-profit organization with long traditions of producing social and health services. Folkhälsan and Solvalla have a long history of arranging camps. Solvalla Sport Center is situated in the stunning National Park of Nuuksio, next to the beautiful Lake Pitkäjärvi. The unspoiled nature of Nuuksio is a unique wildlife area in southern Finland.  The surroundings are perfect for combining learning, nature, sport and wellbeing. Solvalla is easy and quick to access from Helsinki.

Popular activities at Solvalla are: canoeing, archery, the adventure track, swimming. The Finnish nature Center Haltia is also located in the same area, and it is a popular destination. A beautiful sauna by the water and great sport facilities are also in use during the camps.

Healthy meals are prepared and enjoyed at the restaurant with a view over the lake.


Iloranta is an old farmstead which has hosted guests for over over 80 years - now already in the fourth generation. Iloranta is located in the countryside, in the middle of the forest and fields, close to a lake, and only one and a half hour drive from Helsinki. Iloranta has hosted camp schools since the 1980’s.

Iloranta is a ”Learning in the countryside”-audited camp school destination from as early as 1980. Today Iloranta is managed by Samu Lescelius, a fourth-generation entrepreneur and a professional in physical education. The former managers, Leena and Mikko Haavisto, are both teachers and give their support in running the business.

Popular activities at Iloranta are: a guided fishing trip, “a trail of senses”, a trek in the local dark evening forest, woodcraft, local school visits, arts and crafts, “Olympic games”.


Sustainability is a key value at Iloranta. The old farm-house has always lived in symbiosis with nature. The food is mainly local: daily fresh vegetables from local farmers, fish from local lakes and meat from local cattle breeders.  Iloranta has been awarded the Rural tourism sustainability development diploma in 2014 (Project realized by Helsinki University, LAMK and JAMK). The EXPERIENCE CLEAN NATURE WITH US-product was awarded the Authentic Fin Relax Experience -status by Visit Finland.


Norrvalla, also a part of Folkhälsan, is a regional centre for sport and an excellent place for both recreation, training, and learning sessions.

Norrvalla is a popular kids’ camp site and full camps run every year with Niclas Wiitala (EduGems Health and Wellbeing Coordinator) as one of the camp leaders. Norrvalla is located in idyllic surroundings in Vörå, Ostrobotnia. Norrvalla is situated 39 kilometres from Vaasa, where trains, planes or buses take you conveniently from Helsinki. There is space, fresh air and a calm spirit at Norrvalla.



Norrvalla has a modern full size sports hall, a gym for strength and condition training, spinning cycles, exercise tracks, swimming pool and therapy pool, heated artificial grass pitch (105 m x 68 m) and a football hall (64 m x 40 m). Healthy, fresh meals are served in Elsa’s Kitchen. The nature around Norrvalla invites you to relax and reset in the open air.

Sunday Morning Resort

Sunday Morning Resort is an exclusive lakeside holiday resort in the fell scenery of Pyhä-Luosto National Park, about 1½ hour north from the Arctic Circle. Our lakeside resort is surrounded by a peaceful forest. The location of the resort is safe and private yet close by to all services. The closest airport is Rovaniemi and the closest railway station in Kemijärvi, is located less than one hour away.

Sunday Morning Resort is an inspirational learning environment. Lapland’s nature and culture are present everywhere in resort. The nature is honored in design and materials, from architecture to cuisine. The traditional construction methods combined with modern technology makes the stay at resort enjoyable. Sunday Morning Resort is carbon neutral due to eco-friendly heating systems and healthy six-hectare forest, which works as a carbon sink. The business in resort is based the principles of sustainable tourism.


The resort is ideal for groups that consists of families, both students and parents. There are comfortable logwood cabins and luxurious rooms for overnight stay. The main lodge has a big, bright dining room, a lounge and cozy lobby bar with fireplace downstairs and well-equipped conference room upstairs. In addition, sauna and small gym are at guest’s disposal.

Different kinds of activities are easy to start from the yard all year round. Hiking, biking, Nordic walking and in wintertime also skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice climbing or husky and reindeer rides some mentioned. The place is also ideal for observing the Northern Lights and you can take part in Aurora photo workshops. Between September and March, you can upload special “Aurora Alert Realtime” - system into your mobile phone or tablet free of charge. Free private high-speed wireless internet is available throughout the resort.

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